why take cbd extracted with solvents if you don't have to?

While many people know that CBD comes from cannabis, they may not know how it’s extracted from the hemp plant. Manufacturers can use steam, carbon dioxide and other methods to separate CBD from a hemp or marijuana plant, which they can then use in their products. But some of these extraction methods use chemical solvents that can pose potential health risks to consumers. We explain why it’s better to avoid solvents when possible.

First, let’s talk about CBD extraction. To produce CBD oil and other products, manufacturers first need to remove the CBD from the hemp plant. This process usually involves heating the cannabis or hemp so that the CBD is separated from the other compounds and molecules in the plant.

There are several techniques manufacturers use for CBD extraction, including using steam, carbon dioxide or ethanol. But one popular method to extract CBD is by using solvents. These solvents are usually hydrocarbons such as butane, propane or petroleum. Hydrocarbons can cause health problems in users, including kidney damage, respiratory failure and lead to issues in the nervous system. During the extraction process, these solvents are usually filtered out. But this is not always the case, and lab tests have shown that residue from these toxic chemicals can be detected in some CBD products.

Luckily, there are plenty of CBD products on the market that do not use potentially dangerous solvents during the extraction method. For instance, Pachamama’s Full Spectrum Extracts use only heated air during the extraction process, so there’s no worry of solvents making their way into the finished product. We rigorously test all of our products to ensure that they’re both highly effective, but also completely safe for the user. In fact, Pachamama’s even won the Purity Award from the Clean Label Project for our authenticity and transparency when it comes to our products.

So, why do other CBD manufacturers use solvents at all? Simply put, it’s a cheaper and more efficient method of extraction. CBD isn’t always plentiful in a hemp or cannabis plant, which means the extraction process may yield only a small amount of it. Manufacturers will use solvents to extract CBD as fast as possible. This method ensures that a consistent amount of CBD is always extracted from the cannabis or hemp plant, while doing little damage to the CBD. But, as we noted above, the cost is that these products have the potential to contain dangerous solvents if not properly handled during manufacturing.

And, unfortunately, some CBD manufacturers do not properly disclose or test their products for solvents, something Pachamama is always transparent about. Consumers are unaware that potentially toxic chemicals were used during the manufacturing process, and the brands don’t protect their customers by testing their products.

There are many methods to extract CBD, so, before putting something into your body, don’t you think you should understand what’s in the products beforehand to ensure they’re of the highest quality? While solvents may not always cause harm to users, there’s always a risk, and there’s plenty of alternatives available to avoid the dangers completely.

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