CBD Isolate

Only the cleanest CBD isolates

Our CBD isolate products contain the cleanest form of CBD we could find. The process to create our isolates starts with a full spectrum extract which contains a symphony of compounds. Then, the extract must go through a thorough isolation process in which the CBD molecule separates from all other elements of the hemp plant. This includes the other cannabinoids, terpenes, oils, and waxes, leaving only pure CBD molecules. Nothing more and nothing less. 

Our Hemp: A True Colorado Native

We create our isolates with hemp that goes straight from our Colorado farm to the lab, using only the healthiest plants with the highest potency. During processing, we use stainless steel extractors to keep plant material and waxes from entering the raw oil. Next, we distill our hemp twice to ensure purity. Once distilled, our hemp is seeded with CBD crystals, then washed and vacuum dried to form our 100% pure CBD isolate. Our final step of the extraction process is to utilize chromatography to remove any remaining THC. Then, we use industry-leading, third-party testing facilities to make certain our CBD isolate is clean from any pesticides or heavy metals. We repeat this process with every extraction so we can provide our customers with superlative products. Once we have a well-polished isolate we incorporate the most luscious fruit and plant extracts we can find to deliver a product that can be used with delight.

Using our CBD Vape

At work, during activity, and while recovering, consumers can use our CBD Vape to secure the holistic benefits of our isolates with ease throughout the day. Vaping as a CBD delivery method has grown in popularity because of its high level of bioavailability and promising therapeutic properties. The inhalation method offers rapid absorption and is proven to be one of the most efficient ways to administer cannabidiol in terms of bioavailability. This method of delivery, coupled with our luxurious flavorings, eases the mind, body, and soul into a state of tranquility. It’s simply the most bioavailable way to benefit from nature’s herbs with a taste that will never bore.