In the spirit of alternative wellness for adults who enjoy nicotine – but who do not wish to smoke – PACHAMAMA was founded by former smokers who were on a mission. Aware of the effects combustible cigarettes have on peoples’ minds, bodies, and spirits, and determined to create something better, PACHAMAMA founders worked tirelessly to create the world’s highest quality, most enjoyable, flavor-packed e-liquids. Providing like-minded adults with an ultra-satisfying vape experience – that would enable them to abandon cigarettes – became an obsession. And, without a doubt, our journey in the pursuit of healthier lifestyles became the important foundation for PACHAMAMA’s success. Since 2014 our flavor profiles, product offerings, and brands have grown dramatically, but the people of PACHAMAMA still take enormous pride in everything we do. We are committed to our mission. We are committed to our customers. PACHAMAMA is not just a company or a brand… we are a family. And our family shows up all day, every day, with passion, creativity and drive. We focus on our customers’ needs and, through responsible innovation and with an unwavering commitment to full regulatory compliance, we deliver the finest flavors and the most outstanding vape products on the market.