fight off cranky golf and tennis injuries with pachamama cbd 

Anyone who’s played golf and tennis extensively knows that the two sports can cause serious wear and tear, particularly on a person’s joints. So it’s no wonder golfers and tennis players are always looking for products to help the recovery process. Luckily, our line of CBD topicals are perfect for athletes.

Many people use CBD to help in the post-workout recovery process. We’ve created a whole line of topicals to aid this process as well.

Our topicals are designed to cover a wide variety of benefits for golfers and tennis players. Whether it’s helping to support joint health or aiding in muscle recovery, we have a topical for everyone. 

Our athletic rub

The Athletic Rub is a topical cream using full-spectrum CBD to support muscle recovery, thanks to the power of lavender and peppermint. This is perfect after a particularly grueling day of playing where your arms and legs feel a little heavier than normal. There’s also shea butter and cacao butter to help nourish and hydrate skin, which is helpful after spending hours in the sun on the court or on the course.

our icy muscle gel

If you’re looking for a more fast-acting approach to muscle soreness , you’d probably like our Icy Muscle Gel. In addition to our broad spectrum CBD, this product includes menthol and camphor that are also effective help with the recovery process.

our pain cream 

Joint pain is often common among both tennis players and golfers. Tennis players spend hours running on a concrete court, which can lead to wear and tear in the knees and ankles. While golfers can experience pain in the shoulders, hips and knees after repeatedly swinging their clubs. Our Pain Cream is specifically designed to apply to muscles and joints to help deal with these common injuries.

our body lotion

Our last topical is meant to help golfers and tennis players (and people in general) deal with the real danger of playing sports: the sun. Spending hours on the course or on the court under the blazing sun can cause damage to a person’s skin, but our Body Lotion helps rejuvenate the skin by regenerating healthy tissue and cells.

Our topicals, like all of our products, are made through a chemical-free extraction process that avoids adding any dangerous toxins or contaminants in our CBD. In fact, our commitment to consistency and safety earned us a Purity Award from the Clean Label Project.

So whether you’re trying to perfect your forehand on the court, or working on your short game out on the course, there’s definitely a Pachamama topical to help address your needs.

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