Our Story

The Pachamama story is grounded in a single purpose: to help transform lives.

The story, purpose, and vision comes from the very top at Pachamama. Brandon Stump, our founder and CEO was looking to completely change his life, finding recovery and relief in the Golden State. After moving to California, Brandon gained solace in serving others. Brandon reached out to his brother Ryan to join him and they dedicated their lives to this purpose.

Brandon and Ryan first established a foundation that provides a safe and structured environment to seek recovery from drugs and alcohol. The foundation was built on integrity, trust and accountability. With great success in this endeavor, they applied these principles to their next venture, a company that is now an internationally renowned brand. The brand was born out of Brandon’s personal desire to find a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes. The company grew rapidly, hiring close friends, including those that recovered from addiction, to join their family. This family is built from a team of synergistic, dynamic, and inspired individuals.

The Family has grown and expanded, which circles us back to the Pachamama story.

As a continuation of this desire to help, Pachamama was created after experiencing the undeniable effects of cannabidiol (CBD). The Pachamama Team not only saw the clear demand for a superior CBD product, but realized it was our mission to provide the highest quality CBD Wellness Brand. This pursuit led us to the beautiful state of Colorado, where the heart of hemp beats. For twelve months, Pachamama’s Research and Development team refined our product portfolio. We are now utilizing a fifth generation proprietary extraction machine to provide the most natural and pristine products on the market. From inception, Pachamama has utilized holistic measures to  harvest, extract, and blend our exclusive products.

In an industry still in its infant state, filled with white labeled and inconsistent products, the Pachamama CBD Wellness Brand is dedicated to quality. We are committed to providing reliable premium products, supporting our ongoing mission to transform lives.